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Private Dining

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Taste & privacy. It’s a match!

An exclusive gastronomic experience

Santa Marina Resort & Villas offers the exquisite experience of private dining to guests who wish to enjoy tastes made exclusively for them in a space dedicated entirely to their occasion. Whether you are after a romantic dinner for two or you want to entertain your loved ones, just ask for the spots that can be reserved for a private dinner in Mykonos. Do not miss this amazing gastronomic experience made only for those who know how to enjoy the best of life and search for its most delicious surprises; an experience with the refined aesthetic and upscale gastronomic proposals of Santa Marina Resort & Villas.

Menus: Menus are available upon request

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Enjoy an exclusive gastronomic experience with a private dinner in Santa Marina Resort & Villas.

Your exclusive Mykonos dinner
Taste summer bliss

The only thing that you need to bring with you is your reason to celebrate! Then, discuss all the details about the tastes that you want to be served in your private dinner and enjoy a delightful gastronomic experience in style and privacy. Ideal for wedding proposals, birthday parties, romantic dinners and any other occasion that needs something special to turn a dinner into an experience like no other.

Private Dining