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The cosmopolitan Mykonos

Discover the wonders of Mykonos

It is time to take a long stroll to the beauty of Mykonos! Follow the paths leading to the iconic corners that make Mykonos such a unique island! Our concierge is always ready to assist your summer experience in Mykonos by suggesting the best of Mykonos’ attractions, arranging transfers or private guided tours and every detail that would help you explore the island’s wonders. Before you begin, just read more about the main attractions of the marvellous island of Mykonos!

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The romantic corners
Mykonos Town

There are two spots in Mykonos Town that give to the island its distinctive character. Follow the charming stone-paved alleys full of little shops and restaurants and discover Mikri Venetia (Little Venice), the most picturesque part of Chora. This lovely seafront district comes alive especially in the evening when people gather to watch the sunset in the dreamiest setting. Another perfect spot for viewing the sunset, the neighbouring windmills (Kato Mili) are undoubtedly the most iconic landmark of Mykonos’ Chora.

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The hidden gems
Local Charms & Personalities

When exploring Mykonos Island, keep your eye out for some hidden gems; the picturesque Paraportiani Church with its unusual architecture and its pristine magnificence is one of the most photographed churches in Europe. Then, the Armenistis Lighthouse, a charming spot for viewing the sunset on the north-western coast of Mykonos. Last, but not least, you may run into the island’s pet celebrity, Peter the Pelican, a beloved figure that frequents the alleys of Chora and never misses a photo opportunity!

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The Archaeological Museum
Discover the history of Mykonos

Overlooking Delos from the Chora harbour, this small museum houses numerous artefacts unearthed during the island's excavations. Built in 1900, the museum was initially destined to house the findings from the excavation of the “purification pit” in Delos dating from the 5th century and the necropolis of Rhinia. The museum is famous for its great collection of vases, representative of the distinctive Cycladic ceramic art, some of which date back to the Geometric period back to the 6th century B.C.

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Delos Island
The birthplace of Gods

A sacred site of legend, history and intrigue, the island of Delos offers a unique insight into ancient Greek life, religion and culture. Take a step back into ancient Greece where the gods and goddesses held court and the line between myth and reality was blurry and vague. As legend has it, Delos was the birthplace of Apollo and his sister Artemis, therefore a sacred island, where no mortals were allowed to be born or perish on its holy grounds.